Language Plus One provides career support services for foreign jobseekers in Japan. Employment counselors holding Japanese Language Teacher Certificates will teach you Japanese language skills necessary for your job and further career advancement and will assist you in your search for a job that utilizes your strengths.  


Contents of our Service

Japanese Lessons

To work in Japan, smooth communication is important. We can guide you from conversational to business Japanese according to your level. 


We offer exam preparation courses for the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

Job Interview Coaching

Acquire the necessary skills for finding or changing jobs in Japan, from how to collect information to creating resumes and practicing interviews. We provide thorough coaching until you get results. 


Counseling, advice on choosing the right career / career strengths, resume / CV writing, interviews, interview etiquette, information retrieval methods etc.

Corporate Career Consulting

We advise companies who are considering taking on foreign employees or those who have already hired foreign employees on the hiring process and post-recruitment support. 


We offer in-house Japanese language training and career counseling (English available) for foreign employees.

  • This service is intended for foreigners who live in Japan and want to find or continue working in Japan.
  • Our primary focus is on coaching clients, helping them with the necessary knowledge and mental preparation for working in Japan.
  • We don't provide employment placement.

System & Cost

Plans and Fees

Total Interview Plan

This course covers both internal and external approaches to bring out your best. This plan is recommended to those with work experience, who are considering changing their job. 


 8 sessions Working Adult  70000 JPY
80min/ session  Student 56000 JPY


1. Free Counseling

2. Advice on choosing the right career / career strengths

3. Resume / CV Writing

4. Interview Practice

5. Mock Interviews / Vocal Check

6. Haircut / Photoshoot *1 Day – Accompanied Service

* Additional counseling / practice interviews are 7,000 JPY (5,000 JPY for students) / 80-minute      session.

* Includes haircut / photoshoot fees.


Smart Interview Plan

Recommended for those wanting to organize their experience and areas of strength and attend interviews. Includes the creation of resumes / CVs. Adjustable Content. 


6  sessions Working Adult  42000 JPY
80min/ session Student 33000 JPY


1. Free Counseling

2. Advice on choosing the right career / career strengths

3. Resume / CV Writing

4. Interview Practice (includes Interview Etiquette)

5. Mock Interviews / Vocal Check


* Additional counseling / practice interviews are 7,000 JPY (5,000 JPY for students) / 80-minute      session.


Basic Interview Plan

Designed for those who are already well prepared and would like to practice their interview skills or just need that extra push. 


 4 sessions Working Adult 28000 JPY
80min/ session Student 22000 JPY


1. Free Counseling

2. Interview Practice (includes Interview Etiquette)

3. Mock Interviews / Vocal Check


* Additional counseling / practice interviews are 7,000 JPY (5,000 JPY for students) / 80-minute      session.

JLPT / BJT Intensive Training Course (for individuals)

Intensive training course for individuals interested in taking the JLPT held in July and December or the BJT, held monthly. Experienced instructors will coach you to success.

 4 sessions 24000 JPY
80min/ session  

The number of sessions is not fixed. Renewed every 4 sessions.

After considering your strengths and weaknesses, we'll select a textbook and create a curriculum that is best suited to your needs.

We also accept group applications. (Discounts Available)


* Available for levels N3 - N1



Customized Career Counseling / Japanese Language Studies Course (for individuals)

We customize our classes to meet your objectives.


4 sessions 24000 JPY
80min/ session  

[Japanese Language Studies]


- Japanese related to work, such as business conversational Japanese / business e-mail / business etiquette etc.

- Japanese related to interests, such as the news, novels and daily conversation.

We create a curriculum according to the required content. We also accept group applications.


[Career Consultations]

- Your goal is to work in Japan but you don't know where to start.

- In-House Career Advancement Consultations (including the acquisition of qualifications)

Contact us here for more information. Our focus is on personal counseling.


In-house Business Japanese Course (for companies)

Our course ensures your foreign employees will improve their Japanese language and communication skills.

50min/ session 1-4 persons 6000 JPY/session
  5-8 persons 7000 JPY/session

Our program is designed to improve the business communication skills of foreign employees. We'll create the best curriculum according to your business needs, such as exam preparation, business Japanese, business e-mails and business etiquette etc.


Private and Group Lessons (up to 8 people) available.



 Course Process

Consultation Applications

Please inquire via the contact form.

First Counseling Session

 Held via Zoom.

  • Plans explained.
  • Confirmation of consultation details.
  • Adjustment of course schedule.
  • Answering of any questions.

Course Application

We will send you the course information and application form by e-mail. After checking the contents, please sign the application form and return it (e-mail is OK).

Payment of Fees

We will contact you once the completion of the application process has been confirmed. Then, please transfer the fees.

Starting a Course

Lessons will be conducted using the Zoom online meeting application.


All courses include the following additional benefits.


We will take the time to listen to your concerns and come up with solutions.


Together, we’ll consider your options and set goals.


Take concrete action toward your goals.

You can count on us to stick with you and support you until you achieve results!
  • We can find the perfect instructor for you, as the need arises.
  • If requested, we can talk about holding face-to-face interviews. (Interview locations are limited)
  • English is also available.