N1 Training Course for July 2022 JLPT (Online Group Lessons)





























N1 Training Course for July 2022 JLPT (Online Group Lessons)


**We're accepting participants☺**


In preparation for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) to be held in July 2022, we will start intensive lessons focusing on N1 from January 2022. 24 lessons, 5 personal counseling sessions and 3 half mock tests are included. This plan will keep you motivated until the end. Once you sign up, you can't quit until the exam. If you definitely want to pass the exam, please apply.


This plan is recommended for those who have these problems

-If you don't know where to start.

-If you have been studying for a long time but have not been able to continue

-If you are busy with work and don't have time to study.

-If you want to have a classmate to study with


Period: January 2022 to June 2022 (The first session will be held on January 11 or 15)

24 lessons in total

Location: Online (zoom)


Class time: Once a week (80 minutes) with a break in between.

Tuesday 20:00-21:30 or Saturday 9:30-11:00 

*Same content. It is possible to change during the course.


Eligibility: Must have passed N2 of JLPT.


Number of participants: 5 persons per class (Depending on the week, there may be more than 5 persons.)


Class contents: Vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension (listening comprehension will not be covered in the class)



1) Vocabulary "Kikutan N1" (Kindle: 2,299 yen, book: 2,420 yen)

2) Vocabulary "Power Drill N1" (Kindle: 774 yen, book: 968 yen) *from April

3) Grammar "Speed Master N1" (Kindle:1,056 yen / book: 1,320 yen)

4) Reading comprehension "Speed MasterN1" (Kindle:1,056 yen/book:1,320 yen)

Total  Kindle: 5,185 yen / Book: 6,028 yens

*All of these books are available in e-book format.

*Please make sure to purchase them before the class starts (Vocabulary power drills can be purchased after April.)

*If you do not purchase the textbook, you will not be able to participate in the class.


Schedule: Can be found at this link. (Please note that the schedule is subject to change.)



Fee: 24 lessons, 64,800 yen (2,700 yen per lesson)

 (Including 3 half-mock exams, 3 half-mock exam explanatory lessons, and 5 individual interview sessions)

 *Please make a payment in advance. The first deadline is Saturday, January 8.

*If there is a vacancy, you can join from the middle of the course.

During January, the fee is 2,700 yen per remaining session.

If you join from February onwards, 2900 yen per remaining lesson.

 *If you join from the first time, you can save 4800 yen.

 *Installment payments are also available (no interest), and you can choose to pay in two or three installments.


Application: Please contact us using the form below. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


*If the number of participants reaches the limit, the link will be invalidated.


Payment method: Paypal, credit card, Japan Post (please pay for the transfer fee)

 *If none of these methods are available, other methods are possible. Please consult with us.

 *We will inform you of the bank transfer address after your application.


 *Installment payments are also available (no interest), and you can choose to pay in two or three installments.


Cancellation Policy

A. Cancellation of registration: No refunds will be given after registration, However, it is possible to transfer the right to attend the class to someone else.

B. Cancellation of classes: Classes will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays with the same content. If you are unable to attend one of the classes, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you on the other day. If you are unable to attend either day, it will be treated as a cancellation. If you are unable to attend either class, you will be treated as a cancellation, and there will be no refunds.


Privacy Policy

We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than those related to this course.


Other Items Included in the Course

-Counseling: Course participants can receive personal counseling once a month. (Up to 5 times) . Counseling is scheduled at a certain time each month. You can receive counseling from the month of your application date. Please note that you cannot receive counseling for past months.


-Half mock exams: Held on Saturday evenings in April, May, and June, at a different time from the class. Explanatory lessons will be given the following days.


We accept consultations via Zoom and email (free of charge). If you have any questions before applying, please feel free to contact us here: info@language-plus-one.com












期間20221月~20226月 (第1回は111日または115日)





火曜20:0021:30 または 土曜日9:3011:00 









①語彙『キクタンN1』(kindle 2,299/2,420円)

②語彙『パワードリルN1』(kindle 774/968円)



 計kindle 5,185円/本6,028








料金:全24回 64,800円(1回:2,700円)




















 A. 申し込みのキャンセル:お申し込み後の返金はできません。ただし、授業参加の権利をほかの人に譲るなどは可能です。

 B. 授業のキャンセル:火曜日と土曜日に同じ内容で開講します。初めに基本の曜日を決めていただきますが、用事があってどちらかに出られない場合は、ご連絡いただければほかの曜日に参加することができます。どちらにも参加できない場合はキャンセル扱いになります。その場合の振替や返金はありませんので、ご了承ください。














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