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Online Counseling & Advice at Bookstores


"Tailored material selection for Japanese language learners - Browse bookstores with us" is a tailor-made service that provides counseling, selection of learning materials, and study support according to the needs of Japanese language learners. The main features of this service are "counseling" and "bookstore accompaniment.


First, through counseling, we can understand the learner's concerns and issues and propose solutions to them. For example, if a learner lacks confidence in their pronunciation, we can provide them with materials to help them practice pronunciation or give them advice on how to improve their listening skills. Through counseling, we can provide customized support for learners' concerns and challenges so that they can learn Japanese with greater confidence.


We visit Japanese bookstores with skilled Japanese language teacher to select learning materials, incorporating recommendations from booksellers and from the teacher. This allows learners to choose from a wide variety of teaching materials available on the market that are truly useful, thereby reducing the burden on the learner and increasing the effectiveness of the learning process.


This service is ideal for those with these concerns


  • A beginner who wants to start learning Japanese
  • Those who are studying on their own but are not sure how to select appropriate teaching materials
  • Those who are facing problems such as not knowing how to use the study materials.
  • Those who want support in selecting the right study materials and advice on how to use them.
  • Those who want help in selecting books and magazines written in Japanese. (Advanced level)



1) 60-minute counseling online

2) Decide the date to go to the bookstore

3) Select books at the bookstore



Bookstores in Tokyo (Shinjuku, Jimbocho, Otemachi, etc.)

*Please select the location of your choice.

*Please consult with us if you do not know where to go.



8,000 yen (total time: maximum 150 minutes)

*Includes advance online counseling (approx. 60 min.) and the cost of bookstore accompaniment (max. 90 min.).

*Extension is +500 yen per 30 minutes.

*Textbooks are at your own expense.

*If you decide to move on to ongoing private lessons after receiving this service, you will receive a discount of 2,000 yen.


 Contact: info@language-plus-one.com (Tanaka)












  • 日本語の勉強を始めたい初心者の方
  • 独学で勉強しているが、適切な教材の選び方がわからない方
  • 教材の使い方がわからないなどの悩みを抱えている方。
  • 教材選びのサポートや使い方のアドバイスが欲しい方。
  • 日本語で書かれた本や雑誌の選び方をサポートしてほしい方。(上級)




















Contact: info@language-plus-one.com (Tanaka)