【Pattern Language Workshop for Creating a Collaborative Community with Foreign Workers】


































【Pattern Language Workshop for Creating a Collaborative Community with Foreign Workers】


This is a joint project of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Waseda university and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  I am participating in this project as a member.


This seminar is designed for companies that employ or are thinking of employing foreign human resources, their related parties, and those who provide career support for foreign human resources.


In this project, we surveyed pioneering companies that have practiced working together with foreign human resources and compiled 31 words with tips for coexistence in the workplace.


The workshop will include a variety of interactive work using the 31 cards with tips, talking about examples of initiatives, and sharing ideas.


All materials are available for free download, so you can experience how to use them at the workshop and take them home to practice the work at your workplace or study group.


If you know someone who works with foreign nationals, supports foreign human resources, or is a career consultant, please introduce us to them. 


For registration and details, please contact


(Cards and brochures can also be downloaded here)



【外国人材との協働コミュニティを創出するためのパターン・ランゲージ ワークショップ】






パターン・ランゲージは経験則を言語化しカードや冊子にまとめたもので(参考:https://onl.la/w4zqpGp)、 こちらのプロジェクトでは、外国人材との協働を実践してきた先駆的な企業を調査し、職場内共生のコツを31の言葉にまとめています。