Report on the end of the ”Basic rights and duties when working in Japan” seminar



















【 Report on the end of the ”Basic rights and duties when working in Japan” seminar】
Yesterday, we held a seminar on how to work for foreigners. The seminar was diverse and lively, with participants from more than 10 different countries, both domestic and international.
There were a variety of questions. What kind of permission do I need to get to do a side job? How do I pay taxes in that case? What will happen to my status of residence if I work in a remote area for a long period of time? What will happen to foreign employment in the future due to Corona?
As the ways of working become more diversified, the confusion of working foreigners seem to be deepening. In order not to be left behind by these changes, I felt that opportunities to convey information to foreigners are becoming more and more necessary.
I was impressed by Mr. Asami's words, "If you don't raise your voice, neither the government nor companies will move. However, if we raise your voices, they will surely support you in some way. In order to do so, first of all, workers themselves need to know the current situation. Then, they need to make use of what they have and figure out for themselves where there is room for improvement.
I hope this seminar will give a chance to think about these things.